Stop Procrastinating and Just Start

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

This quote was a big inspiration for me when I started working as a freelancer. All I wanted to do in this life was to write short children stories. I wanted to do this ever since I was 18 years old, but something always stopped me. I always found an excuse and I have always postponed this idea. „

These words belong to my sister. She is now 22 years old and I am proud to tell you that right now, she is a successful writer and she is a successful Amazon seller. She has over 100 children stories. They are all very successful stories on Amazon.

My sister, Lexa, is very talented, but she was very lazy and all she needed was some motivation. I am a mature person and I know that you have to be courageous but most of all, you have to be ambitious if you want to achieve something in your life.

Two years ago I set a goal. My goal was to motivate my sister to become one of the best sellers on Amazon Kindle. I am proud to say I have achieved this goal. But this article is not about praising me or my sister. The idea is to tell you how I managed to motivate my sister to start doing things.

As I told you before she was very lazy. She wanted to to do something but she was never in the mood.

First of all, for one month I had the chance to stay with her all the time and we watched inspirational videos and we read about successful people around the world. This aroused the desire in her mind. In no time she was the one who started the conversation about work and success. She was the one who started searching for different inspirational movies and motivational videos in the morning.

I am telling you, when you start learning about successful people and you see how they struggle, you will feel a great power inside you.

After 2 months when she became ambitious, I told her to read two books written by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon is a great thinker and he inspires people all over the world for ages with his books. He is the inspiration for almost all the self-help and motivational books. This was the trigger for my sister. I am sure about that. I had to convince her to read one of Napoleon’s books and after that, she read them all. I don’t want to propose you a particular book, you can read any book written by him and then you can come back and tell me what you think.

One of the best thing in life is to start reading. If you do this when you are young, you will become a successful person in your early life.

I want to end this with something I have seen in a motivational quotes and video by Will Smith.

He said that the key to life is reading and running.

Reading because whatever problem you have, there is always someone who went through it in his life. And most likely he wrote about it in some book. For example, Napoleon Hill did a lot of things and he went through a lot. He met a lot of successful people like Andrew Carnegie and he had written about all his experience. He made millions and he was broke.His son was very sick and he got well. He wrote about it. He has a lot of mind exercises in his books. You will be rich if you read his books. You will be inspired and you will achieve anything you want.

Running because whenever you are running, there will always be a little voice inside you who will tell you to stop. You have to defeat that voice. That voice will find excuses. The voice will say you are tired, your legs hurt, your heart is pumping too fast etc. When you learn to defeat that voice , you will learn to never give up.

So, keep going!



Anna is from a beautiful country Romania. She is an M.A. Journalist. She has been constantly writing on her and other blogs to grow, express and develop her ideas. Anna believes that "Nothing is impossible, no matter where you live."
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